So Much Time, So Little Done

Spending vacation doing homework is messed up already, so procrastinating from homework while on vacation is just...wrong. I had to turn in a paper remotely today, so what did I do? Read the Washington Post, browsed jcrew.com, gazed out the window. What's on TV? Ooh, the Daily Show.

Lazy, lazy, lazy.

And I fell down the stairs yesterday, so I've got a huge purple bruise on the back of my leg. I've been dragging around a big pillow to sit on all day. And whining.

What else? Our WiFi died just when I tried to turn the paper in. The restaurant we were going to go to for dinner burned down last night. But I saw an ice cream shop with 64 flavors, including lobster! So the day wasn't a total bust. Cheers.


The Week in Short Stories

Monday morning: Riding the bus to work, I look up at the LED date/time display and notice that it reads "12/25/97 09:31 AM". Merry Christmas, 14-year-old me!

Tuesday morning: Once again on Christmas bus. When a passenger points out that the display is incorrect, the driver looks up for the one moment that it looks normal, and says, exasperated, "The display is working fine, madam."

Tuesday afternoon: Working on an architecture project at the office over the past few weeks, I've littered the conference room with little house models. As I'm throwing several out, I hear muffled scuffling emanating from one. Moments later, a startled cockroach scampers out. A colleague suggests I start designing roach traps.

Wednesday morning: Running for the bus, I make a mental note not to step/slip on the stick in the middle of the sidewalk. As I pass by, I realize "stick" is a 5-inch-long slug.

Wednesday morning, cont'd: Still running for the bus, I pass a man in a business suit talking loudly on the sidewalk. Assume he's on the phone until I realize he's completely drunk and offering commentary on passersby. "She's in good shape. Running. Not like that other guy. He's not running."



It's 93 degrees out, we're without air conditioning, and I'm frying eggplant. What has happened to my judgement?

I was thinking much more clearly last weekend, when I bought this awesome "cook"book at Porter Square books. I want to make all of my meals out of here until this heat wave is over (so, until September). There's an awesome variety of popsicle recipes, including a chapter on coffee- and tea-based pops, and another on alcohol-based ones, which is funny because Stephen and I had just been talking about freezing White Russians before I saw this book.

We made the Sugar Pumpkin Pops last weekend. I couldn't find molds anywhere in the area (CVS, Shaw's, Ace, Cambridge Naturals and the local toy store all knew what I was talking about, but none had them on their shelves), so I used a muffin pan. The pops turned out very short and squat, like little orange flying saucers. They weren't quite sweet enough for our taste, either. But still cool and refreshing. I think I want to try the Coconut Yogurt ones next. This is the kind of weather where I just alternate between taking showers and buying ice cream. Nothing much gets done, except sweating.


The Stars at Night

I thought summer was supposed to be a time for relaxation. Not in this house, it ain't. Stephen and I are both working full time and taking two classes this summer. It's all interesting, but an incredible, crazy time suck. I just realized that I'm going to be at work/class for 12+ hours almost every day this week.

We're also house/pet-sitting. Which is awesome, because the house has air conditioning, but it also adds to the list: Did we remember to feed the cat? To humidify the lizard tank? When does the garbage have to go out? Did I just miss the bus again? How am I going to get to work?

Anyway. Last night was a bright spot in this constellation of busy-ness: We went to see the Indigo Girls play at the Lowell Summer Music Series. The setting was awesome - enthusiastic crowd, warm night, progressive snacks (the food tent had organic chips and salsa, Clif bars, and herbal tea). I was surprised at how many memories bubbled up as the Girls played through their set. I remembered putting "Get Out the Map" on a mix for Stephen when he drove cross-country in 2003. We used to sing "Closer to Fine" at campfires after our backpacking trips in the summer. I put lyrics from "Galileo" on my away messages sophomore year. Wow--it's been so long since I last signed on to AIM. Years.

I was watching the news at the gym the other day when they reported on the hostages being freed in Colombia, and the reporter talked about all the things the hostages didn't know about, from the Iraq War to Facebook. It's so hard to imagine what it's like to be taken out of the world as you know it for 5 years - your brain must become like a time capsule.

My brain right now is more like molasses. I've got three papers to write in the next few weeks. Bleh. I write so slowly. How do people write quickly? Even writing a blog post can take me an hour, easily. With a paper, I usually have to take a day off from work. No kidding. Sooo painfully slow. I don't know how books ever get written. Randy Shilts, how did you do it?